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We recommend spraying any leather item: soak well before the first use, unless the manufacturer has indicated that it is made of processed leather.

Basic caring rules for leather things

  • It would be best if you tried any care first on the inside of the material.
  • Never use an acidic solution.
  • You should hang wet leather items on special hangers to dry at room temperature.
  • Never store leather items in plastic bags.
  • Ironing can only be done on the wrong side (use a cloth, cover the garment and iron in Woollens mode).
  • Protect from intense (direct) sunlight.
  • When used in a car, seats without padding will cause friction and heat, which can cause colours to rub off (sand).

SUEDE, NUBUK: leather with a rough surface

Suede crack, the coarse-grained crack, may lose its appearance the first time it is worn.

  • can be restored with a vacuum cleaner,
  • can be polished with damp suede,
  • can be fixed with a sticky roller,
  • when putting on leather things for the first time, select other clothes according to the colour.


  • Brush the suede when the fibre is glued, using a sponge or rubber brush in different directions: along and against the nap.

Cleaning Tips

  • Clean suede clothing regularly using a rubber brush or sponge.


  • Do not wear suede clothes so that the collar is in contact with your skin.
  • Take regular care of your collar, edges of pockets, sleeves end using a rubber brush or a leather eraser.

NAPPA: coloured coating

  • Use a soft leather eraser to remove water stains.
  • Clean and remove greasy stains using a soft cloth and Nappa polish.
  • If heavily soiled: use a skin cleaner, but apply gently.

ANILINE: transparent coating

  • Remove scratches with the thumb pad.
  • The greasy spots will disappear gradually without any intervention. Just wait.
  • Remove greasy ends with a skin eraser.
  • Hold water stains over steam.
  • Do not use greasy Nappa polish.
  • Please note: Aniline leathers have a specific coating and therefore do not need to be cleaned too often.

LIVING FLOOR: coated suede

  • You can wipe water stains and light dirt off the impregnated Nappalan. Use a soft skin eraser. Do not use liquid stain remover (may leave marks and remove coatings).

A specialist should only carry out basic cleaning. Please send your leather item to a cleaning specialist who specializes in cleaning leather.